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How to use the window 10 command prompt correctly.



How to use the window 10 command prompt correctly featured image gaptect

There are two interfaces in the Windows operating system. A graphical user interface that can be used to execute commands through menus, as seen on the screen.

The hidden interface or command-line interface is another. This command-line interface can be used to perform a number of tasks that can not be done by going through the popular graphical user interface. Some of them are described here.

To do this, you must first access Command Prompt Frost. By the way, click the Start menu button and type cmd. This will display the Command Prompt icon. Clicking on this will take you to the command protocol. Alternatively – hold down the Windows logo key on the keyboard and press the R key.

The Run dialog box opens. Type cmd inside and click OK to enter the command protocol. The following commands should be typed in the same command prompt window. After typing, press the Enter key on the keyboard and the command prompt will be executed.

Copy Command

Fig 01 windows 10 command prompt

copy – This command should be used to copy and paste a file when it is stuck or stuck due to an error in the Windows operating system. Then type this command as copy C: \ ABC \ Gaptect.txt_D: \ Gaptect.txt. Here the command is given as copy first. It is preceded by C: \ ABC) which is the path to the file to be copied. That is, the file chic to be copied is in the folder ABC in the C drive.

Next to it Gaptect.txt is the name of the file to be copied and the extension. Leave a blank space D: 1 where the file should be pasted. Gaptect.txt is how it should be named when pasted. (Figure 01) If you want to copy all the files in one folder to another folder type the command copy C: \ ABC ** D: ABC. This will copy all the files in the ABC folder in the C drive to the ABC folder in the D drive.

Format Command

Fig 02 windows 10 command prompt

Format – This command must be executed to format a flash drive or hard disk drive. To format a flash drive that cannot be formatted by going through the graphical user interface, type this command in format i: / fs: ntfs. Where i is the drive letter that shows the formatted drive through File Explorer. fs: ntfs is the format to be formatted. The fs can be preceded by FAT 32 or FAT and the drive can be formatted to fit those file systems. (Fig. 02) This or that matte should be done after the village standard command should be followed by type / 9 and type the command for mati: / q.

Errors checking Command

sfc/scannow This is a command to check for errors in the system files of the Windows operating system. This V. Once the grain has been typed and executed, any damaged or deleted system files will be restored.

Errors checking Command in hard disk

Chkdsk – Type chkdsk E: to find out if there are any errors on the hard disk or flash drive. Where E is the drive letter of the drive to be checked for errors. If errors are found in the files when checking for errors, type chkdskE: / f separately with / f to correct them. With this, if you type / 8 and type the command chkdskE: / f / R, if there are bad sectors on the hard disk, they will be marked and the existing files will be redirected.

Drivers checking Command

driverquery – Displays details about driver programs installed on the computer.

Delete Command

del – If you want to delete a file, (open the command prompt) type the command del C: \ ABC \ Gaptect.txt. This will delete the Gaptect txt file in the ABC folder in the C drive.

Shutdown Command

Fig 03 windows 10 command prompt

shutdown – this command must be executed to shutdown or restart the computer when the operating system crashes. When the shutdown – s command is given, the computer shuts down. When this method is set to shutdown -r, the computer restarts. If you want to shut down your computer after a while, you must type shutdown -s -t 120 at the command prompt. You can also use this command to. The command should be executed as follows. (Fig. 03) Here 120 is the number of seconds to delay.

ip Finding Command

ip ipconfig – Find out the IP address as well as the subnet mask of a computer connected to a computer network.

Connection checking Command

Fig 04 windows 10 command prompt

ping – This command should be used to check whether the connection between two computers in a computer network is correct and whether the connection with a website or server is correct. In this case, the IP type of the other computer being tested on a computer network must be typed using the ping command.

When browsing a website, you must type in its IP address or web address, along with the ping command. ping www. is an example. (Figure 04) Now four data packets are sent to another location and retrieved. You can check the time elapsed as well as whether the data packet has changed through the command prompt.

Exiting Command

exit – This command must be executed to exit the command line.

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