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How to become a web developer? Is it a good career?



How to become a web developer featured image gaptect

In the present being, a web developer means a great idea for their career and not an easy task to achieve that goal. Today technology plays a big role in our whole life from small simple apps to big harder apps as well.

This is a fascinating career for those who are really programming. Basically, to become a web developer you must have a good understanding of Html, Java, JavaScript, CSS, CSS framework, etc. When you develop these fundamental skills you will get a logic of communicating programming languages. This is a flexible professional field. And they have a handsome salary.

What is web developing?

Web developing or web development means being involved in developing a website or a private network. And also building it and taking the maintenance regularly. Web developers give all the work from the behind to make the website look greater, work fast and give a good user experience to the users.

This web development can be classified into two parts as front-end and back-end. Front-end means the user can be experienced, and back-end means server-side of the website.

When they are building a website, 65% present from around the world use a content management system (CMS) to build their website and another 35% use other CMS programs to build the website.Some examples for content management systems, WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, Wix, Squarespace, etc.

What skills and steps do I need to be a Web Developer?

What skills and steps do I need to be a Web Developer gaptect

As I said in the upper section, being a web developer is a flexible career in this industry.

Choosing web development specialization.

Web developers must be proficient in using various software programs. They must also have a good understanding of the web as a whole. Prior to starting out, it’s wise to get an understanding of what type of web development you’re interested in (user interface, mobile app development, or front-end development).

Getting an education.

No specific way exists for this job in web development, and it’s possible to become a web developer with proper education. Web development or a related field is traditionally necessary for career advancement. More recently, coding boot camps have emerged as short-term or long-term, intensive training options for college kids to realize career-specific coding skills.

Getting an education.

Web developers should have good knowledge, experience, and genius within the three core programming components: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They should even be experts in back-end languages like Ruby, Java, PHP, and tools like Oracle and SQL Server. Companies want employees who can produce, and the way or where something was learned is secondary to easily have the ability to try to do it.

Practising codes.

Web developers learn by doing the practice of these programming codes. Trying, practicing, learning to code, and getting won’t to using GitHub prepares web developers to figure as a part of a team, also as manage complicated site and application builds. An active GitHub profile can get the eye of employers rummaging through stacks of resumes.

Launch an online portfolio for yourself.

Getting your own portfolio website is an advantage for a web developer because it looks like you’re a smart web developer through that you can even have engagement work with a great company. It is a beneficial thing for you.

What does a website developer do?

A web developer can work from home and on the workstation. Many developers do freelancing services and part-time work with the company. These developers are responsible for making a specific product that meets both the client’s needs and those of the customer or end-user. 

A major sector of web development solves the matters around finding and fixing bugs in order to constantly optimize and improvement of the website or system. Web developers can work in-house or freelance as frontend, backend, or full-stack developers. Many developers work with different computer programming languages.

Is Web Developer a good career?

Is Web Developer a good career

Basically, web development is a good career because of its salary and benefits.

A major part of these web developers do their own business and/or freelancing service. If we are moving their salary they gain for a year is differ with a level in the industry.

A senior web developer gets nearly $108k, an intermediate developer gets $95k and a junior gets $65k for an annum according to the glassdoor website.


In the present being, a web developer means a great idea for their career and not an easy task to achieve that goal. Basically, to become a web developer you must have a good understanding of Html, Java, JavaScript, CSS, CSS framework, etc. And they have a handsome salary.

Basically, web development is a good career because of its salary and benefits. If we are moving their salary they gain for a year is differ with a level in the industry.



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What does a UI UX designer do? Salary?



A UI UX designer is a person that designs the user interface and user experience in a responsive way for all devices in the right manner. In this job, the salary is perfect according to the work they do.

What does a UI UX designer do and Salary Featured image Gaptect

UX designer

UX defines a user experience designer, these designers are responsible for building a super user experience for all users. Their main module is to study users, their behavior, and architect the user’s journey in a minimal way.

 These UX designers have common job functions and activities.

Creating a user personally

Figuring out key consumer businesses and creating representative personas in their behaviors and demographics. Personas may be used to make in-intensity eventualities, a day-in-the-life of a personality, which shows how the product suits into the user’s ordinary.

Architecting pieces of information on digital products

Organizing content material inside an app or website to manual the user to perform tasks or educate them approximately the product. An effective information architecture gives pieces of information to customers wherein they may be and a proper manner to find the records.

Building up research on user

Gaining knowledge of approximate users and their conduct, desires, motivations, and wishes. Ux teams may additionally gather facts thru diverse techniques, together with interviews with users/stakeholders, competitive evaluation, online surveys, and awareness corporations. The statistics are analyzed and converted into qualitative and quantitative statistics for publication decision-making.

UI Designer

UI designer image Gaptect

UI is defined as a user interaction designer, these designers are mainly focusing on user navigations.UX is the function of UI design because for that reason these jobs will be titled UI UX designers.

Getting closer with UX designers in the work

UI designers work intently with UX designers to make certain the consumer journey displays the UX group’s product vision. For instance, is a person able to complete all the steps in a web purchase? Do they reply to upsell or go-promote activities at checkout? Some UI designers work on voice person interfaces for voice-activated IoT gadgets, inclusive of smart audio systems or digital assistants.

User interaction with products

Person interface design worries the visual styling of an app or internet site. Think things like how icons are designed, how they’re arranged on the web page, and the way they relate to each other. Design elements such as font choice, coloration scheme, pictures, buttons, and menu styling are all elements of interface layout. Collectively, those design selections assist humans to apprehend what objects may be clicked, tapped, or swiped, which of a chain of buttons is most critical, and the way to apprehend calls-to-motion.

How to become a UI UX designer?

When we are getting into this topic, to be a UI UX designer you should learn the basic concepts and fundamentals of this specific path. Strategies, researches, user, and market, and product development are the subcategories that you must learn. There isn’t a single way to become a UI UX designer, why is it? I am telling you this because unknowingly we have been UX designers but that is not enough to be a professional UI UX designer. For this purpose, you must acquire some additional skills.

Steps you should follow image Gaptect

Steps you should follow,

Learning UI UX designing fundamentals

To emerge as a UI UXclothier, you’ll want to study and expand some of your technical capabilities. These include user research and strategy, wireframing and prototyping, user interface layout, and responsive internet design. You will also need a strong foundation of soft skills, which include venture management, collaboration, and verbal exchange abilities. UI UX  layout boot camps are an increasing number of popular ways to build those abilities and speedy-music a profession in UI UX layout.

Designing tools

There are many designing tools that are used by UI UX designers. Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Axure, Figma, Invision are some common tools used in this field.

Working on your own projects and developing skills

Maintaining your own UI UX tasks give you the possibility to use your new talents in each step of the UI UX layout method. These include early marketplace and personal research and character improvement, crafting a user journey’s basic information structure, wireframing, prototyping, and user trying out. You’ll also need to practice growing an expansion of task types, to bolster your UI UX design capabilities in as many distinct areas as feasible.

Portfolio on your work and Applying for jobs

When you have improved your skills that you can build up your own portfolio and by the way, you will be able to apply to jobs in this specific path.

UX designer, UX researcher, UX architect, UX strategist, UX analyst, UX developer are some jobs that you can apply for.

Salary measurements

Salary measurements image Gaptect

When we look into this salary topic, in the United state they make over $91,000 per year. After all the calculations these designers earn over $7000 per month and over $40 per hour. 

After concerning facts it is a good advantage to be a UI UX Designer for your future.

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What are the Private Cloud and its differences?



What are the Private Cloud and its differences featured image gaptect

 A private cloud is a specific type of cloud computing service that gives the same advantages as a public cloud service, and the difference is the size of the cloud, and you should do its services by yourself by contacting its admin. A corporate or internal cloud is also called a private cloud. These clouds are dedicated to their targets.

How does it work?

A private cloud is used by a single user or an organization that does not share the cloud with another user. These assets can be arranged and controlled in many ways. These clouds can be built with current resources and infrastructure on a new, individualistic infrastructure provided by a data center or another organization within a specific organization. Sometimes the single user private clouds are enabled by virtualization software. Private clouds have been dedicated to a single user or an organization.

There are three main models of cloud deployment. Public, Private, and Hybrid clouds are the main three models of cloud deployments, and in addition, there is another cloud deployment called multi-cloud, which is a combination of these three clouds.

There are typical qualities of these three models.

  • All types of clouds need an operating system to operate.
  • Install various types of software.
  • in case the high-level operating system considers how the cloud works through any software, containing virtualization and container software

Difference between public cloud and private cloud?

Difference between public cloud and private cloud image gaptect

In public clouds, amazon web services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are third-party cloud services that provide cloud computing resources and own it and provide customers that can be accessed through the internet. Some of the public cloud users use these resources by sharing.

In these clouds, it is not appropriate to use public clouds in business activities. Public clouds are not supplying the standard services in time because organizations or companies cannot use the public clouds. Using the public cloud for this type of works may cause security issues and other issues also. Because of these problems, companies and organizations are moving into these cloud services to gain benefits, total control, and ownership.

Using public clouds will save the cost of the computer clouds service, and customers will also have offers.

Difference between public cloud and hybrid cloud?

A hybrid cloud is a mode in which private cloud contacts with public cloud infrastructure and allows a company or an organization to structure the workload through both surroundings. It requires high grades of compatibility between this under-running software and the services using these types of clouds to deploy a hybrid cloud.

This structure has excellent flexibility and can supply a business.

The Hybrid cloud services are mainly suitable and valuable for which has a high dynamic workload and businesses that contact big data.

Advantages and disadvantages of private clouds


  • They do not share the resources.
  • These clouds have direct control.
  • The security level is more than the public clouds.
  • Can be install tools to track computing usage and services that have been used.
  • It can be customized.
  • Can increase the performance of the cloud.


  • Automation of the service.
  • Using a typical IT team.
  • Expensiveness for maintenance, deployment, acquisition, and support.
  • The user needs to buy a subscription regularly offered by the service.

Types of Private clouds.

types of  clouds image gaptect

There are many types of private clouds, and they can differ in many ways as hosting and managing courses. The functions also vary with style.

Hosted type

This type of private-cloud does not share the servers with other organizations, and they settled in a single company that provides servers.

Managed type

Managed type private clouds work in a hosted environment, and it gives options to manage and deploy the additional service alone.

Virtual type

This type of virtual private cloud has a covered environment within a specific public cloud that gives you access to run other workloads in separation from other public cloud users. These servers are shared, but their resources are private. And at any time, virtual private-clouds can be converted into hybrid clouds.

Private cloud sellers.

Private cloud sellers image gaptect

These are the major sellers in the field. They have their own data centers with the latest technology.


In conclusion, we have come to a significant ending with a specific and knowledge about private clouds. What is, how it works, and all the facts are included in this article. We have talked about public clouds, hybrid clouds, their differences and advantages, and disadvantages. There are three types of private-clouds and major players in the field. All these facts I have written in this article. You can refer to this article reasonably and take the informative points for your life.

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Complete Guidance to become an Ethical Hacker.



Complete Guidance to become an Ethical Hacker featured image Gaptect

First of all, this article is a complete guide on how to become a perfect Ethical hacker. This includes specific detailed information on this relevant topic of how to become an ethical hacker. And to play the role of an ethical hacker, you need to have the specific skills and experience to enroll and basic ways of landing professionalism as a good hacker.

When we take as defensive and offensive cyber-security, follows have been explained using the gangs of blackhat hackers and whitehat hackers in history. These names were used as nicknames to evil hackers and good hackers. In this present also commonly these names are used in this ecosystem.

These evil hackers or blackhat hackers are, however, bad guys. Good hackers are used to describing with many names: blue team, white team, red team, white hacker, pentester, etc. Typically, the blue team gives defensive services, and the red team offers offensive security services. By combining these, both teams provide some sort of security service.

Basically, an ethical hacker’s key target is to view security points and find the vulnerabilities that evil acts can exploit.

Ethical hackers need to test the security and perimeter of the specific devices and pentest the vulnerabilities. They should look broadly at the weaknesses that you can exploit within the deep networks or the applications.

Real Character of an ethical hacker

Real Character of an ethical hacker image Gaptect

Mainly ethical hackers are independent and work as freelancers also in consultations. They have been employed by specialized form a firm simulated offensive cyber-security services. They might be protecting a website or an app that belongs to a specific company.

While in-house red teams are still relatively new in the security business, one advantage they may bring is a better grasp of how their systems and applications are built than an independent consultant. This is an advantage for the red team to get knowledge about secret information. They can look for their targetted vision.

The benefit of the external white hackers is they can identify the vulnerabilities that are Ignored by the internal team. Even if they have red teams, they give external ethic hackers contracts to defend their systems.

There is a rule for any external offensive cyber-security service provider. It is a must to take written permission from the client before beginning any of this activity. There should be a detailed report about the systems, networks, websites, and applications you will attack. And there should be special permission for other additional works.

There are mainly 3 roles and functions of this cyber security engagement. There are white boxes, black boxes, and grey boxes as the three leading roles. White box engages in professional security given as information about the target system and application possible. A black box, there is no information given inside as a white hat hacker. And lastly, grey box engagements donate the attack that they have been pen-tested.

Network security analysts and network engineers also need these types of skills. Offensive skills are need for the purple team. There are benefits for understanding the offensive method and tools for the app security developers. Security researchers are known as bug finders, it depends on the knowledge of the offensive tactics, and bug hunters have a good understanding that goes deeper than the app layer to the network layer and also that specific areas can be exploited.

 The skillset that you needed to be an ethical hacker 

 The skillset that you needed to be an ethical hacker image Gaptect

To be a perfect and talented ethical hacker, you should have some sort of skill. And also, ethical hacking is a crucial skill for many other jobs roles. There are should be a skill for scan the vulnerabilities of a network or a computer. Good hackers always find weak points of a web app, computer, or network. These are some skills that an ethic hacker should have.

Computer Skill

Basically, you must have the knowledge and ability to use a computer properly with processing data and manage the specific data in the right manner. At the advanced level, programming, managing databases, running the calculations with a spreadsheet. An ethical hacker must be expertise in computer systems. In addition, Spreadsheet, Ms office, Social media, Email, Database, and Web are essential computer skills for a good hacker.

Computer networking Skill

Computer networking skill is very important to an ethical hacker. Generally, this skill is used to send or receive data in multiple ways. It is essential to know about DHCP, Subnetting, etc. These network skills will help ethic hackers explore the various types of interconnected computer networks.

Programming Skill

This is an important fact in the skill factor. Without programming, it is useless in trying to be an ethical hacker. This is an essential factor in this superfield. There are some programming languages that these white hat hackers use. Python, Java, SQL, PHP, JavaScript,C,C++,Ruby,Perl,etc.


Really, this is the next super skill you should grow. Linux is a Linux kernel-based open-source operating system. The Linux OS is secure than the other operating systems. This is the main reason why white hackers and other hackers also learn Linux well.


These hardware parts of the computer compromise the physical or can be touch parts of the computer. And basically, you need to have proper and precise knowledge of these parts of computers because any hacker should all-rounder in this IT field.


Cryptography means the practice of techniques for the secured communication in the presence of adversaries ways. This way is dealing with analyzing and developing the protocols that prevent malicious third-party ways.

Reverse Engineering 

Reverse engineering means the procedure of recovering the design, specifications, requirements, and functions of a specific item or a product from an analysis of its code. This is widely used to check and ensure the system lacks and vulnerabilities.

  • DataBase
  • DBMS or Database Management System is a crux of managing and creating all databases. There is information about the company in its database. A professional, white hacker has a very eye and a good understanding of all types of databases. And it is a must.

    Solving Problems

    This skill helps to understand the right problem perfectly. This is a part of the technical side. An ethical hacker should be a good thinker and a problem solver in a dynamic way.

    Certifications and education levels

    Certifications and education levels image Gaptect

    There are many certifications courses on ethical hacking. There are 2 main certifications that are specified to ethical hacking in the industry.

    It is not enough that only your having the certifications but also you should do the practical and practice well, And also you can self-study by referring to the course syllabus. There are some websites to practice the attacks. Hack the box, Tryhackme, Vulnhub, are some websites that you can develop your skill of attacking. 


    After reading this article, we can come to an identical viewpoint about white hackers and summarized complete guidance that how to be an ethical hacker.


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    How to become a full stack developer with the best six tips



    Firstly, a full stack developer is a qualified engineer who can balance all the work in servers, systems engineering, databases, and clients.

    How to become a full stack developer with the best six tips featured image gaptect

    This full stack developer job has been a trending job title among many types of developers. In this article, we are going to talk about both good and bad qualities. Few people think full stack developer is a small job but that’s wrong because to be a full stack developer you should have real personal skills and abilities about the technology.

    Especially, all-rounders in this IT industry can be debated in the depth and breadth of the development skills and ability. Full stack developers and full stack designers have the moral to accept challengers to do their work well and in the right way.

    Who is a full stack developer?

    In simple terms, full stack developers mean a person who has verified various types of skills in this IT industry level. When we are referring to full stack development it can be classified into 3 (three) parts. That is a mobile stack, web stack, and native application stack.

    A full-stack developer should have vast knowledge and abilities to build the specific application clearly and in a cool way. These are some basic steps to become a full-stack developer, you can follow them.

    Learning programming languages

    Learning programming languages image gaptect

    To become a full stack developer basically, you should have to learn so many programming languages because in full stack development you should have to cover many areas with various languages to make a good final output. 

    You should have good knowledge of these programming languages such as Java, Python, Php, C#, C++, pearl, Ruby, etc. these languages are frequently used when doing programming activities.

     All programming languages are not needed but some essential programming languages you should learn. As an example, if we take Java language, then we must master the object-oriented design and development purposes, designing pattern, J2EE-based parts of the development, and so on.

    You can learn these things by GitHub by sharing the code, etc.

    Using development frameworks and third(3) party libraries.

    The favorite development of languages has been accompanied by a better development framework, such as in Java Springs, Hibernate, mybatis, Php thinks PHP, yin, nodeJS, Python Django will express it soon.

    The Front end technology.

    The Front end technology image gaptect

    Now the front-end technology is becoming more important today for projects and products development. And plus for adding features for the products and the qualified user experience is also a line that tests the success rate of that specific product or application.

    There are master needs of some basic front-end technologies, for example, Html5, Css3, Javascript, and more front-end frameworks or third-party libraries such as LESS, SASS, JQuery, REACT, and AngularJS. 

    Databases and Cache

    All products and projects essentially need a database to store the specific type of data in the database. When as a full stack developer you definitely need to know how to interact and work with many types of databases, at least you need to know even two databases perfectly because we are working professionally. For example, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Oracle, SQLServer are some of the popular databases. If you are doing a large project it is good to use and recommended using MYSQL or commercial oracle to the back end of the database. Redis is used for caching and it improves the performance of the system.

    Basics of designing ability.

    Basics of designing ability image gaptect

    When we are moving to this topic, most full stack developer articles do not talk about this design and design requirements. This is professionally called UI and UX designing, I think but not only me, I think designing is a very important ability as well. You practice that to be a good full stack developer.

    Essential factors for full stack developer’s life.


    • Always think globally as a good developer.
    • Improve your communication skills and level.
    • Be creative as a developer.
    • You should have curiosity about doing new projects.
    • And the last important fact is time management. 


    In this article, you have been supplied with the answer according to the topic above. By this article, I hope that will get more knowledge on how to become full stack developer in the right manner with the best six tips.

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