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How do I become a perfect cloud engineer? Cloud engineer salary



How do I become a perfect cloud engineer  featured image

In the day to day life, we can gain benefits by using cloud services, this fact has been realized and it has been a fast-growing industry as cloud computers.
It’s not a surprise to attract interest in this cloud computing career. Cloud engineering was named as the most in-demand tech career in 2019 by TechRepublic.

Getting more benefits, can work remotely or work from home, etc, cloud engineering is an eye-catching career for IT professionals who want to make the career change and as well as newcomers into the IT field.

How do I become a perfect cloud engineer?

When we are talking about “how to become a cloud engineer” First of all I should say that it is not an easy task to become this engineer.

Developing the required skills

Mainly the first step in the journey towards becoming a c. engineer is to follow the relevant education, try out and develop the skills necessary for this journey.

Some of the key certifications and skills that employers look on,

  • Knowledge of cloud service providers.
  • Programming knowledge on SQL, PHP, R, Python, Java.
  • Knowledge about cloud security.
  • Knowledge of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning.
  • Maintenance and development of databases.

Necessary Certifications

After you are completing the necessary education and developing the necessary skills, you should earn that specific certification.

Gaining specific Experience

Firstly look for the job opportunities that you can gain relevant experience in this industry and that can archive for the next level as well to give yourself a competitive advantage in the job market.

You can gain some sort of knowledge and experience by referring to the industry professionals’ projects.

What is a cloud engineer’s salary?

When we are getting to the topic of cloud engineer basic salary it is really base on skills and experience in the industry. But we can find a round-off amount of salary for this career. Basically, cloud engineering is a good career that most people do not prefer to join but it has a good salary.

There are many ways to find cloud engineers’ salary amounts. Glassdoor is a good website that can find the salary amount of these cloud engineers. There are differences between junior, intermediate, and senior on this salary amount. With this career, you can reach a high potential level.

Is cloud engineer a good career?

Is cloud engineer a good career

Yes, it is. Because on top of the IT industry there is high demand level value to this cloud engineering career.
In this career, there are 3 parts of this career.

Cloud Architecture

The cloud network is looked after by the big picture engineers. These engineers deal with planning and management of all cloud components covering hardware, software, and other applications as well.

This architect is in charge of what are the services needed for the company if the company expands its service. They are always on the alert to face a challenge that comes to the clouds.

Cloud Development

Cloud architecture designs and cloud developers’ job is to design the platform with programming. They need to test the platform and fix the bugs and solve every problem that comes with coding.

Cloud Support

Really cloud support is there to deal with the cloud clients. They explore new technology and troubleshooting and finding solutions alongside the cloud architects to solve clients’ issues.

Cloud engineer courses

In this career, that means in the career there are many online courses and offline courses also. In the online courses, there are no pushes from backward but in offline or physical courses the backward pushes having from parents and also from teachers as well as an advantage for us. In online education, we should not do our studies on our own no more backward pushes.

These are some of the websites that you can find cloud engineering courses,

  • Udemy
  • Skillshare
  • Edureka
  • Simplilearn
  • Coursera
  • Edx


cloud engineer conclusion

How to become a perfect cloud engineer is not an easy task. Follow the necessary education and develop the skills necessary for this career. Cloud engineering was named as the most in-demand tech career in 2019 by TechRepublic.

There are differences between junior, mid-level, and senior cloud engineer salaries. This architect is in charge of what are the services needed for the company if the company expands its service.

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How to become a full stack developer with the best six tips




Firstly, a full stack developer is a qualified engineer who can balance all the work in servers, systems engineering, databases, and clients.

How to become a full stack developer with the best six tips featured image gaptect

This full stack developer job has been a trending job title among many types of developers. In this article, we are going to talk about both good and bad qualities. Few people think full stack developer is a small job but that’s wrong because to be a full stack developer you should have real personal skills and abilities about the technology.

Especially, all-rounders in this IT industry can be debated in the depth and breadth of the development skills and ability. Full stack developers and full stack designers have the moral to accept challengers to do their work well and in the right way.

Who is a full stack developer?

In simple terms, full stack developers mean a person who has verified various types of skills in this IT industry level. When we are referring to full stack development it can be classified into 3 (three) parts. That is a mobile stack, web stack, and native application stack.

A full-stack developer should have vast knowledge and abilities to build the specific application clearly and in a cool way. These are some basic steps to become a full-stack developer, you can follow them.

Learning programming languages

Learning programming languages image gaptect

To become a full stack developer basically, you should have to learn so many programming languages because in full stack development you should have to cover many areas with various languages to make a good final output. 

You should have good knowledge of these programming languages such as Java, Python, Php, C#, C++, pearl, Ruby, etc. these languages are frequently used when doing programming activities.

 All programming languages are not needed but some essential programming languages you should learn. As an example, if we take Java language, then we must master the object-oriented design and development purposes, designing pattern, J2EE-based parts of the development, and so on.

You can learn these things by GitHub by sharing the code, etc.

Using development frameworks and third(3) party libraries.

The favorite development of languages has been accompanied by a better development framework, such as in Java Springs, Hibernate, mybatis, Php thinks PHP, yin, nodeJS, Python Django will express it soon.

The Front end technology.

The Front end technology image gaptect

Now the front-end technology is becoming more important today for projects and products development. And plus for adding features for the products and the qualified user experience is also a line that tests the success rate of that specific product or application.

There are master needs of some basic front-end technologies, for example, Html5, Css3, Javascript, and more front-end frameworks or third-party libraries such as LESS, SASS, JQuery, REACT, and AngularJS. 

Databases and Cache

All products and projects essentially need a database to store the specific type of data in the database. When as a full stack developer you definitely need to know how to interact and work with many types of databases, at least you need to know even two databases perfectly because we are working professionally. For example, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Oracle, SQLServer are some of the popular databases. If you are doing a large project it is good to use and recommended using MYSQL or commercial oracle to the back end of the database. Redis is used for caching and it improves the performance of the system.

Basics of designing ability.

Basics of designing ability image gaptect

When we are moving to this topic, most full stack developer articles do not talk about this design and design requirements. This is professionally called UI and UX designing, I think but not only me, I think designing is a very important ability as well. You practice that to be a good full stack developer.

Essential factors for full stack developer’s life.


  • Always think globally as a good developer.
  • Improve your communication skills and level.
  • Be creative as a developer.
  • You should have curiosity about doing new projects.
  • And the last important fact is time management. 


In this article, you have been supplied with the answer according to the topic above. By this article, I hope that will get more knowledge on how to become full stack developer in the right manner with the best six tips.

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How to become a web developer? Is it a good career?




How to become a web developer featured image gaptect

In the present being, a web developer means a great idea for their career and not an easy task to achieve that goal. Today technology plays a big role in our whole life from small simple apps to big harder apps as well.

This is a fascinating career for those who are really programming. Basically, to become a web developer you must have a good understanding of Html, Java, JavaScript, CSS, CSS framework, etc. When you develop these fundamental skills you will get a logic of communicating programming languages. This is a flexible professional field. And they have a handsome salary.

What is web developing?

Web developing or web development means being involved in developing a website or a private network. And also building it and taking the maintenance regularly. Web developers give all the work from the behind to make the website look greater, work fast and give a good user experience to the users.

This web development can be classified into two parts as front-end and back-end. Front-end means the user can be experienced, and back-end means server-side of the website.

When they are building a website, 65% present from around the world use a content management system (CMS) to build their website and another 35% use other CMS programs to build the website.Some examples for content management systems, WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, Wix, Squarespace, etc.

What skills and steps do I need to be a Web Developer?

What skills and steps do I need to be a Web Developer gaptect

As I said in the upper section, being a web developer is a flexible career in this industry.

Choosing web development specialization.

Web developers must be proficient in using various software programs. They must also have a good understanding of the web as a whole. Prior to starting out, it’s wise to get an understanding of what type of web development you’re interested in (user interface, mobile app development, or front-end development).

Getting an education.

No specific way exists for this job in web development, and it’s possible to become a web developer with proper education. Web development or a related field is traditionally necessary for career advancement. More recently, coding boot camps have emerged as short-term or long-term, intensive training options for college kids to realize career-specific coding skills.

Getting an education.

Web developers should have good knowledge, experience, and genius within the three core programming components: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They should even be experts in back-end languages like Ruby, Java, PHP, and tools like Oracle and SQL Server. Companies want employees who can produce, and the way or where something was learned is secondary to easily have the ability to try to do it.

Practising codes.

Web developers learn by doing the practice of these programming codes. Trying, practicing, learning to code, and getting won’t to using GitHub prepares web developers to figure as a part of a team, also as manage complicated site and application builds. An active GitHub profile can get the eye of employers rummaging through stacks of resumes.

Launch an online portfolio for yourself.

Getting your own portfolio website is an advantage for a web developer because it looks like you’re a smart web developer through that you can even have engagement work with a great company. It is a beneficial thing for you.

What does a website developer do?

A web developer can work from home and on the workstation. Many developers do freelancing services and part-time work with the company. These developers are responsible for making a specific product that meets both the client’s needs and those of the customer or end-user. 

A major sector of web development solves the matters around finding and fixing bugs in order to constantly optimize and improvement of the website or system. Web developers can work in-house or freelance as frontend, backend, or full-stack developers. Many developers work with different computer programming languages.

Is Web Developer a good career?

Is Web Developer a good career

Basically, web development is a good career because of its salary and benefits. 

A major part of these web developers do their own business and/or freelancing service. If we are moving their salary they gain for a year is differ with a level in the industry. 

A senior web developer gets nearly $108k, an intermediate developer gets $95k and a junior gets $65k for an annum according to the glassdoor website.


In the present being, a web developer means a great idea for their career and not an easy task to achieve that goal. Basically, to become a web developer you must have a good understanding of Html, Java, JavaScript, CSS, CSS framework, etc. And they have a handsome salary.

Basically, web development is a good career because of its salary and benefits. If we are moving their salary they gain for a year is differ with a level in the industry.

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What do computer engineers do? computer engineering jobs best salary amount in 2021




What do computer engineers do Feature image Gaptect.


Basically, what do computer engineers do?
Computer engineer’s main target is to examine the computer items, develop the systems and design the memory devices, circuit boards, processors, networks, and routers. They also use models built with computer simulations to test, modify, and make product prototypes.
These guys are skilled in complicated problem-solving, speaking effectively, listening carefully, taking decisions carefully, and operational analysis, among other abilities. They are even solving the matter that occurs on the computer hardware. Usually, computer engineers work 30–40 hours. They aid the development of computer technology.

What is computer engineering?

Computer engineering may be a sub-section of engineering that mixes many fields of computing and electronic engineering needed to develop the hardware and software of the pc. Usually, these people have training in electrical or electronic engineering, software designing, and software-hardware integration rather than only software engineering or electronic engineering. They participate in many software and hardware aspects of computing.

How to become a computer engineer?

There are three focused disciplines when we are entering into a computer engineering course. They are computer system software, computer hardware systems, and computer coding applications when we focus on computer engineering and computer software subjects usually absorbed as computer engineers or code developers.

Setting off as this type of engineer typically needs to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, or a combined discipline. Usually, it covers electrical designing, computer architecture, programming, mathematics, mathematical structures related to computer software and hardware.

In the topic of becoming a computer engineer, you need to have a skill of proper education, a qualification level for this specific engineering analytical skill and demandable thinking skill, and a love for maths. Until the computer functions work, you should test and debug the computer codes and components, and you should have team spirit for the work.

Computer engineering courses online

With the development of technology, we can do our many works through the internet. As above mentioned our educational stuff also we can do and non of charge. Many websites supply these courses in many fields. Such as mainly graphic designing, programming, languages, etc. Udemy, Oxford, Skillshare, Edx, Coursera, Alison, Bitdegree, and many more. These websites online courses are available for both free and paid.
When we are considering computer engineering courses, these courses offer an online certificate. These online course programs give a challenge to self-study.

Computer engineering jobs salary

When we move into the computer engineering jobs salary part, there is a difference between a junior computer engineer’s salary and a senior computer engineer’s salary. The main difference is the experience in the industry, and there are many more. Within the year, a junior computer engineer pays $65000 on average in the United States.

Within the year, a senior computer engineer pays $90000 average in the United States. Salary ranges are often changed, counting on many important reasons, including education, additional skills, the amount you’ve spent within the field., are some websites that will help you to find out the exact pay target.

Which engineering has the highest salary

Basically, in the engineering field, the salary is typically higher than in other job fields. These are some engineering subfields that pay a higher amount of salary below.

  • Computer engineer: National average salary is $90000 per year.
  • Electrical engineer: National average salary is $88000 per year.
  • Petroleum engineer: National average salary is $94000 per year.
  • Chemical Engineer: National average salary is $92000 per year.
  • Aeronautical engineer: National average salary is $99000 per year.


After considering the above information, we can come to a summarized conclusion as computer engineering can earn a high potential value of salary. And one should have good knowledge in programming, electrical, electronic, etc. There are many free and paid courses in this field that we can learn by self-studying the materials. If you are interested in any field, self-study with the use of the internet and with other resources by that way, you can get into success.

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